Monday, March 25, 2024

Very Brief Blog: FY2025: Budget in Brief for HHS

Header:  Congress just closed the FY2024 budget authorization (due last fall.)  Now, proposals for the FY2025 budget for this coming October are circulating.  What the Administration plans for HHS divisions.


The Biden administration, looking ahead to the budget year October 2024 to September 2025, foresees $1.7T in HHS mandatory budget authority and $130B in discretionary spending.  Mandatory spending is, e.g., Medicare patient benefits.

Find it here:

The "Budget in Brief" is a formidable 182 pages.

The budget for CMS is here:

At CMS, see in particular the FY2025 327 page PDF:

The CMS budget opens with an org chart updated to March 1, 2024.  The Center for Medicare is budgeted for 820 staff, up from 780 (p 228 actual pdf page).   The CMMI is listed with a 0 staff on this page but 626 on page 325.   On page 36, CMS notes that its operations budget has increased by 3% while there was a 23% loss of purchasing power due to inflation.   Budget for parts A and B (p. 37) is about $900M.   

I noted recently that ARPA-H is worth tracking closely for its groundbreaking $400M cancer biomarker discovery program, here.   FInd the ARPA budget page here, including the new 2025 budget plan here (51pp).  The molecular evolution program is at ARPA-H page 35, where it is called the ADAPT program (ADvanced Analysis for Precision Cancer Therapy).


60-page OIG budget here.