Thursday, March 7, 2024

Journal Club: Tsimberidou et al, Practice Gaps for Genomics in Cancer Care

 A new paper on March 5, 2024, from Tsimberidou, Sireci, Dumanois, and Pritchard:   "Strategies to Address the Clinical Practice Gaps Affecting the Implementation of Personalized Medicine in Cancer Care."   Find it open access at J Clin Oncol / Practice.

Issues discussed include:

  • Biopsy referral
  • Biospecimen collection (procedures)
  • Biospecimen evaluation (pathology)
  • Biomarker test orders
  • Biomarker performance (false negatives, etc)
  • TAT and test reporting; therapy moves ahead w/o result
  • Treatment decision fit to results
Each has a calculated attrition value, which is discussed.  The role of liquid biopsy vs needle biopsy is discussed.

Regarding biospecimen collection and adequacy, pair this paper with FINTELMANN 2023, here, which looks at the tissue collection issues from a radiologist's viewpoint.  great paper.


For Tsimberidou's 2023 article in Nat Rev Clin Onc on tumor boards, here.   She's also a coauthor on 2023's consensus paper, Lockwood et al., on cell free DNA assays (AMP/CAP), here.

See a discussion of the new paper by Daryl Pritchard of PMC at Linked In.