Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Very Brief Blog: AMA Confirms New Alzheimer CPT Codes

At the February 2024 CPT meeting, AMA considered several CPT codes for neurologic disease.  Three out of four passed.   These are CPT codes for Amyloid (40,42) and CPT code for Phospho-Tau and for Tau-Total.   A fourth ALZ code, for neurofilament, was withdrawn but has appeared already on the May 2024 agenda.

The new Neuro codes (including the May neurofilament one) will be priced by CMS in Summer 2024 and active beginning January 2025.

The Panel Actions page is here:


The February 2024 PDF (9pp) is here:



Of 45 code agenda proposals, 16 were withdrawn and 4 were rejected, totalling 20, or nearly half.  Codes are usually withdrawn if the sponsor realizes they will be rejected.