Sunday, January 14, 2024

Did Caris Skate to Where the Puck Will Be? (& Tie-in to My PMWC Multiomics Session on Jan 24)

 There's a famous Harvard Business School article about preparing now for "skating to where the puck will be."  I was reminded seeing two headlines (one, two) at Genomeweb last week about Caris:

Capitalizing on Multiomics Biobanks

The Abbvie article refers to "Caris' real-world, multimodal clinical and genomic database" and the Flatiron article notes that, "Caris has whole-exome sequencing DNA coverage and whole-transcriptome sequencing RNA coverage for every patient tested with its technology."  In short, Caris' initially quite forward-thinking approach to IHC and then transcriptomics may be paying off soon.


Meanwhile, AMA has recreated new comprehensive sequencing codes for RNA-specific genome analyses, and some payers like NGS MAC are already adding the codes to their CGP policies (e.g NGS MAC L37810 and A56199).   

A Transcriptomics Tie-in to PMWC - Precision Medicine World Conference 2024

I just was on a prep call for a panel on multiomics and transcriptomes on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at Precision Medicine World Conference.   Find the conference here.  The track with the transcriptomics panel is Track 3, Oncology Applications, here.  

This panel is chaired by Dr Razelle Kurzrock, and its panel includes Andreas Califano (Columbia Univ), Charles Perou (UNC), Eytan Ruppin (NIH), Bruce Quinn, and David Craig (City of Hope).  The 3-day conference is held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.