Sunday, August 6, 2023

Very Brief Blog: Five CMS Comment Deadlines (PFS, OPPS, TCET, Guidances)

CMS just published the final rule for inpatient policy, FY2024, effective October 1.  Here. [For the typeset Fed Reg version, come back August 28].

Public comment is open on:

Annual Rules

Physician Rule / PFS / until September 11.  Here.  88 FR 52262 936 pp.

Outpatient Rule / OPPS / until September 11.  Here.  88 FR 49552, 370 pp.


Transitional Coverage for Emerging Technology, TCET, until August 28. Here. 88 FR 41633, 12 pp.

Guidance: Coverage Evaluations.   Until August 21.  Here.

Guidance:  Coveraage with Evidence Development / CED Policy.   Until August 21.  Here.

Nerd note.

Briefly, around 2016, some MOLDX policies had "coverage with data development," equivalent to "coverage with evidence development" except for the middle letter of the acronym (CED, CDD).  CMS later said that LCD's can't include CED (or, in this case, CnD or CxD).   The CDD paragraphs are preserved in an old MolDx LCD that is still active, L36886 (Veracyte Percepta bronchial lesion classifier).  Here.  CDD text preserved like a fly in amber.