Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Very Brief Blog: CMS Rules Watch (PFS, OPPS)

The countdown to the annual final rules for hospital outpatient setting (OPPS) and physician fee schedule (PFS) is on.  

Every year, proposed rules are published around July 1 (sometimes til July 15) and take 60 days of public comment.  CMS quickly turns around final rules by November 1, to meet a 60 day deadline prior to their effective date of January 1.

So the most likely publication date for new final rules is October 31November 1, maybe November 2.   However, these don't add up to 100%, and a rare tardy rule may not appear until mid November.

You can track all CMS rules at Federal Register at the link below.   Newly appearing or "inspection copy" typescript rules, appear at top of this page.   They appear days later as permanent "typeset" rules in the Federal Register.  

Rules usually appear after market close, usually after 4 pm Eastern.


Timer from Pixabay.