Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Very Brief Blog: 2/3 of Lung Cancer Patients Miss Precision Opportunities

 A new paper, from collaboration between the consultancy Diaceutics and Personalized Medicine Coalition, finds that a majority of lung cancer patients face unnecessary barriers in access to precision oncology.

The study, by Sadik et al., appears in Journal of Clinical Oncology/Precision Medicine, and is open access.  The authors modeled that for about half of lung cancer patients, they never get appropriate biomarker measurement.  Of those with actionable results, at least 30% do not receive the indicated treatment.

Find the open access publication here.

Find the PMC press release here.

For a subscription article on the Diaceutics/PMC results, see Genomeweb here.   At the same place, for a related early-November subscription article, "Industry Coalitions Push for...Comprehensive Genomic Profiling," see here.  And over at Nature Clinical Oncology, see a brand new November 15 article on global barriers to oncology drug access, without which access, biomarkers alone in any number don't accomplish much - here.

See a 2022 paper on the rate of morbidities from biopsy (supports LBX) here.