Monday, May 2, 2022

MIni Update: CMS Provides Partial New Codes List for Summer Lab Pricing Meeting

 In mid-April, CMS announced dates for its June and July clinical lab fee schedule public meetings for pricing new codes.  Here:

On that page, they have posted a first-draft agenda for the meeting (see Zip file for Excel spreadsheet):

The current version of the Excel code agenda list has 70 items, nearly all PLA codes.  I assume they will update with the several regular 80,000-series new codes before long.   Also, in recent years, CMS has also updated the list circa June 1 to include codes ratified at the mid-May AMA CPT meeting.  

Items 39-58 are reconsideration codes, almost 20, instead of the usual two or three.  While the majority of all codes are PLA codes, nearly all the reconsideration codes are 80,000-series codes.