Tuesday, May 3, 2022

CMS Renews MAC Awards for NGS MAC and for FCSO MAC

In December 2021, CMS renewed the contract for the NGS MAC for "Jurisdiction K," New York and New England.  This MAC, which is related to Anthem, also has a midwestern MAC with MN, WI, IL aka J6.

On May 1, 2022, CMS renewed the contract for FCSO MAC for "Jurisdiction N," which is Florida and Puerto Rico.  Like the Novitas MAC, FCSO MAC is related to Florida BCBS.  In the last couple years, to my observation, Novitas MAC and FCSO MAC have had more policies in closer (or identical) alignment, which wasn't always the case.

See the MAC page at CMS here:


In older news, Novitas was re-awarded JL in July 2021, and back in 2020, Noridian was re-awarded JE, and NGS MAC was re-awarded J6.