Friday, May 27, 2022

CMS Expands Annual Lab Meeting New Codes to 105

 On May 10, I noted that CMS had released about 70 codes for the upcoming summer annual lab meeting (ALM) - see here.

On May 26, CMS updated the list to 105 topics.   This includes codes passed at the early May 2022 CPT meeting.   For details about the process, see the prior blog (May 10).

Here is the updated 105 topic list, as a cloud zip file, labeled as a May 26 update:

Using a sort/search button, 13 of the codes are new 80,000-series lab codes.  6 are individual microbiology codes, 6 are genomic procedures, including re-writes of the tumor gene panels (81445, 81455) hinging on DNA vs RNA vs both analyses and some other text updates.

I tally 72 PLA codes.  I tally 19 reconsideration codes (normally is 2-3).