Thursday, August 19, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Boston Healthcare Associates Becomes Part of "Veranex" Business

For many years, biopharma and medtech consultancy Boston Healthcare Associates has been a leader in precision medicine consulting, leveraging their expertise in the diagnostics industry.

See a new press release that BHA is now part of the VERANEX consulting solutions group.   Graphic here:

Veranex promises a pathway of solutions from design to regulatory to clinical trials to market access:

Consolidations are a regular feature of the specialty consulting industry.  

See, for example, an April 2021 announcement when Vachette Pathology, a pathology/laboratory revenue consulting firm, was acquired by Lighthouse.   Deals for specialty consultancies can be quite large, such as when Inovalon acquired Avalere for $140M in 2015 (here).

In 2017, Quorum Consulting was acquired by Navigant (here.).