Saturday, August 28, 2021

Solid Data: One in Four COVID Cases are in Fully Vax People, in Highly Vaccinated Regions

1 in 4 COVID cases in Southern California occur in the majority-share of the population which is fully vaccinated, according to CDC. While limited to one region, the report gives access to results of 43,000 documented infections in a population of 10M in Los Angeles County. The time period is May 1-July 25, so it include the ramp-up of COVID Delta, but most of the period studied was before the full-blown surge. 

I’ve seen claims that fully-vaccinated people are less than 10% of new cases, or as high as 60% of the test-positive population (data from Cambridge, MA, in July). Fully vaccinated people remain hugely protected from hospital-grade illness, although some will have at-home illness that is fairly severe. 
The CDC report is here:
See a news summary by Allie Hogen:
In my view, news sources reported HIGHLY misleading data on the rate of infections in fully-vaccinated people right up to the end of July – less than 4 weeks ago! I shot down misleading rate data published in the LA Times on July 23: