Monday, August 2, 2021

AMA Publishes Agenda (Code Requests) for September 30 CPT Meeting; Revise Tumor CGP

In the past couple weeks, AMA set up a webpage for its September 30-October 1 CPT meeting, and as usual posted the lab codes early (July 23).   Now, AMA has posted all the code proposals for the meeting.  

See my July 23 blog  here regarding the early posting of lab codes.

See the new full 10-page CPT code agenda here.  

Looks like about 39 agenda items (outside of the dozen lab items released in mid-July).  Review the code proposals, request a code packet of interest by September 9, and submit your code comment by September 16.  Quite a few in digital health.

There is a code set revision for comprehensive genomic profiling of tumors 81445-50-55.   Interested stakeholders should have requested code packets to review by July 23.

There is also a proposal to make an appendix/dictionary of AI related terms.