Thursday, August 5, 2021

AMA Revamping Genomic Tumor Codes (CGP Codes): Special Deadline August 16

AMA released its plan to revamp the genomic tumor codes (81445, 81450, 81455) on July 30.   While the normal lab test comment deadline was July 29, AMA will take comments on a later schedule for these proposals.  You can request permission to comment til August 16 and must finalize your comments by August 23.

These codes are usually referred to as "comprehensive genomic profiling" of tumors; see the website for the multi-stakeholder Access to CGP coalition here.

Your main entry point is to follow instructions at this PDF document, page 1, for how to request the ability to comment (via a portal called ZenDesk).

From today's AMA email:

My earlier blog on August 2 here.