Thursday, April 1, 2021

For the Record: Links to Becerra Hearings, Documents, Auto Transcripts

Early in the Trump administration, there were hearings for the initial Secretary of Health, Tom Price, and for the CMS administrator, Seema Verma.  The Price hearings weren't particular informative of future policy but I found the Verma hearings extremely interesting and worthy of study, at the time (here, here.) 

We've now had the HHS Secretary Becerra confirmation hearings - I don't know how telling they will prove to be, but I provide links below.  In the near future, we'll have hearings for proposed CMS Administrator  Chiquita Brooks-LaSure (here) and I'll provide links when they occur.

For Your File; Some Resources for Becerra Hearings

Becerra had hearings at the Senate Finance Committee, and at the Senate HELP Committee (Health, Education, Labor, Pensions).

See the HELP webpage here - February 23, 2021.

There is a 3h 20m video streaming here.  There is a link to a simple two-page opening statement here.

See the SFC webpage here - February 24, 2021.

There is a 3h 18m video streaming here.  

There are more document links.

  • Sen. Wyden's 2-page opening statement here.
  • Sen. Crapo's 3-page opening statement here.
  • Becerra's 2-page opening statement here.
  • Of more interest, a 95-page PDF of "questions for the record," here.
Auto Transcripts For the File

I did not see easily available transcripts on the hearings.   I made auto transcripts which are not ideal but which do provide a written record of the content with about 98% accuracy.

I've put all the PDFs and the Word document auto transcripts in a cloud zip file HERE.  

Note that SFC video stops, for me, around minute 30, and so the resulting auto-recording and auto-transcription is in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2, as will be clear in the Zip file.  

Regarding auto-transcripts, the best service I know is   Regarding rapid online human transcripts, my favorite is