Sunday, April 4, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Spring PLA Codes Due April 8; New Final PLA Codes Released April 2

For anyone planning to get in a Spring Quarter PLA code, the deadline is Thursday, April 8.  See AMA here.

For those who submitted PLA codes in early January 2021, AMA released the results on April 2, 2021.  Find the PDF of code names here.

Codes 0248U through 0254U were released - a fairly small crop (7 codes).   3 of the 7 are from one applicant.

These include:

  • 0248U, "3D Predict Glioma" cell culture test from Kiyatec;
  • 0249U, Theralink 32 phosphoprotein test in breast cancer;
  • 0250U, PGDx elio(TM) 505 gene tumor test, I assume the same as the FDA-cleared test in spring 2020;
  • 0251U, Hepcidin ELISAm "IntrinsicDx;"
  • 0252U, Products of conception aneuploidy test, Igenomix;
  • 0253U, ERA endometrial receptivity test, Igenomix;
  • 0254U, SMART-PGT-A preimplanation cytogenomics test, Igenomix.