Thursday, April 15, 2021

AMA Has Busy PLA Agenda; Takes Comments til April 22

AMA takes PLA code applications quarterly and provides a brief public comment period.   See the PLA website here and the current PLA proposal PDF here.   

Assuming this year works the same as past years, all codes coming into the May CPT meeting (whether Category I or PLA) will quickly show up at the CMS pricing meetings this summer.

I tally about 30 new codes, with in addition several withdrawals or edits.  According to a separate calendar webpage, public can comment on the 30 codes until April 22.

I wrote a PLA White Paper in February.  For April 1, there were only 8 new PLA codes (here), and for January 1, only 13.   But for July 1, expect basically all 30 of these new proposals to become actual new PLA codes.


Praxis, based in Atlanta, applies for 4 genomics codes.  These are:  Optical genome mapping (DNA), whole genome sequencing, whole transcriptome, and whole genome + optical mapping.   For a description of their optical genome mapping, here.  The technology was featured September 2020 in Genomeweb, here.  Praxis has 50 tests registered with MolDx (here).  The several tests I sampled had a MolDx "Non Covered" remark, but I didn't try to check all 50 entries.

Other chromosomal mapping technologies include microarray and low-pass NGS (here).  The low-pass NGS has 3 labs with PLA codes (Mayo, Perkin-Elmer, and NYGC), plus a proposal for a Cat I low pass NGS code on the May 2021 CPT agenda.   See also a study of the Bionano optical cytogenetics method here.