Thursday, September 3, 2020

Wild Times at MolDx: Palmetto Finalizes Minimal Residual Disease LCD L38290, but Noridian Cancels Similar Draft LCD

We reported a few days ago that Noridian MAC had posted an online announcement that it was canceling or retiring a draft LCD that would have provided coverage for minimal residual disease testing in colorectal cancer.  Article here.  

At that timepoint, the LCD was still in draft form at Palmetto, the home MAC for MolDx.


As first reported by Genomeweb, the Palmetto MAC has now finalized the MRD LCD for colorectal cancer.   See the "Future Local Coverage" (in the Carolinas...) as posted by Palmetto, online here.

Update 9/10: The MRD LCD has been finalized not only at Palmetto, but at CGS and WPS MACs also. Genomeweb here.

The future effective LCD at these MACs covers MRD testing to determine the need for or effectiveness of adjuvant therapy.  It is also covered for screening for recurrence of colorectal cancer where medically appropriate.  The index test, Natera Signatera, is covered.   The LCD also promises to cover other future tests with similar performance characteristics.

Coverage (in states under this LCD, under the Palmetto JM, JJ MAC) starts October 10, and a bit later for CGS/WPS MACs.  

I've put a table in the cloud which compares the draft and final MRD LCDs - here.

Note - Palmetto will publish a Q&A document answering comments on the draft LCD; it hasn't appeared yet.