Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Quest's Direct Marketing for Antibody Tests $119

This past spring, after a telemedicine visit, I was sent to a Quest draw center in Los Angeles for a routine blood test.   This required me to log into their appointment system with my email, and I've gotten regular direct marketing since.

Here's a pitch to come in and get a COVID 19 Antibody Test - for $119.   Quest doesn't require your doctor's prescription, it looks like they will arrange an e-prescription for $9.30 as part of the package.

Your antibody test will provide results in 3-5 business days.  I've clipped the advertising, as seen on my iPhone, below.   

By the way, unrelated, a physician-wellness clinic a few blocks from my house has an advertisement plaque on the sidewalk for antigen test, While-U-Wait, $95.  

quest: click to enlarge


Below - no relationship to Quest - advertisement for COVID test near my house - (Orpelli Wellness Ctr, 6360 Wilshire, Los Angeles)