Friday, April 12, 2019

Contractor Snapshot: MolDx Rules for Open LCD Meetings

On March 28, MolDx released a host of new proposed LCDs.  The public has a chance to comment during a public meeting to be held May 6 in Columbia, SC.   The deadline for meeting submissions is today, April 12.

The public meeting website is here.  Since this event webpage is probably temporary, I've put a cloud copy of the meeting rules here.

Some tidbits:

  • Comments are required 2 weeks after the LCDs were releaesed, and about 3 weeks ahead of the meeting.
  • Just to attend, advance registration is required, but this may be optional if there are still seats available on May 6.
  • The meeting will be recorded and posted on the MolDx website.  This is a new CMS rule regarding transparency.
  • They have a specific remark, if a stakeholder has negative comments on an LCD, please be specific and cite literature.
  • BYOL - bring your own laptop if you want to project PowerPoint.
  • There are 12 LCDs and 120 minutes, suggesting 10 minutes per LCD. 
MolDx LCDs are also released in many other jurisdictions, WPS, Noridian, etc, which have their own public meetings on their own cycles. 

Some of the rules, such as posting of video or transcript, follow new LCD rules released a few months ago by CMS - find them here.