Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Very Brief Blog: Gottlieb TweetWatch: Tweetorial on IVD, Happy-Tweets with CMS

In the past week, Washington news on IVD/LDT policy has included:

  • December 6, Policy outlook/overview by Gottleib and Shuren at FDA, preceding new legislative draft. Here.
  • December 10, Hill releases new 200 page model for FDA legislation.  Here.
    • I've heard that Hill is taking comments til early February.
Perhaps lost in the whirlwind events - today, December 12 Gottleib announced biosimilar policy for insulin - does this guy ever sleep? - were some equally interesting but less high profile Gottleib tweets.  

First, he issued an extended TWEETORIAL on FDA and diagnostic tests, and the differences between IVD/LDT.   See PDF in cloud here.

Second, he traded happy back-patting tweets back and forth with Seema Verma of CMS:

Third, and this went viral, he conveyed a Dr Seuss style poem after CDC warned about hazards of unbaked cookie dough (making CDC the Debbie Downer of the federal twitter landscape):