Thursday, December 13, 2018

Very Brief Blog: AMA Posts Agenda for February 2019 Mtg; Dullsville for Lab Tests

The next AMA CPT meeting will be February 7-9 at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson (overall agenda here). 

Thursday February 7 is the CPT annual meeting, mostly policy updates and discussions.  February 8-9 is the Editorial Panel session for new codes.

The new codes have been posted.   If you were interested in commenting on lab codes, the public posting was November 19 and comments to November 30.   If you are interested in seeing and perhaps commenting on other codes, they are posted December 7 and comment open to January 17.  See the code level agenda here.

For the lab industry, not much.  Tab 13 deletes administrative MAAA code 0009M.  Stay awake, there's more.  Tabs 14 and 15 elevate Tier 2 codes to Tier 1, which is good news for fans of Palb2 or PIK3CA.   Tab 24 would create a Category III code for a stem cell cytotoxicity assay (my guess is this could have been proposed either as Cat III or PLA). 

About 50 Category III codes (as old as 0058T and as new as 0405T) are scheduled for a sundown discussion (more like sunset, I'd say).