Monday, July 9, 2018

Very Brief Blog: Association Crosswalk Comments (CMS CLFS Mtg, June 25, 2018)

CMS New Code Pricing
On June 25, 2018, CMS held its annual public meeting for pricing decisions on new or revised laboratory test CPT codes.   See the CMS home page here.

Video Archive of Meeting ?? 
In recent past years, CMS usually archived the whole meeting on video at the CMSHHSGOV channel of Youtube.  I haven't found a posting of this meeting yet, although on the day, it was live-streamed.

AVAILABLE HERE: Major Association Comments (Zip)
Four major lab organizations presented decks at the workshop, and also provided CMS a detailed pricing proposal list in Word or Excel, since there were so many codes.   See materials for AMP, CAP, ACLA, and ASCP as a zip file in the cloud here.   Associations may have submitted additional or revised data after the meeting.

Next Up: Advisory Panel July 16/17
Note that CMS will host an online video two day webinar on Monday/Tuesday, July 16/17, 2018, when it convenes its Clinical Laboratory Advisory Panel to comment on pricing the new codes.   (There is no on-site audience for this event; spectators by video only.)   More info here.