Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Very Brief Blog: Deloitte Issues 28-page Report on Real World Evidence

Update.  within the same two weeks see also:

  • Scott Gottleib announces new FDA initiative and funding for RWE (here).
  • Interview with Amy Abernethy at Nature Reviews Drug Discovery on RWE (here).


Real-world evidence has been on a roll in the last several years, including a bit of a tailwind from the 21st Century Cures Act.   FDA now has a home page for RWE,  a 24-page 2017 guidance document, an archived 2017 webinar, and a recent call-out in an April 2018 blog by Janet Woodcock.

See hundreds of articles with the key phrase "real world evidence on Pubmed, here.

New this week, a 28-page report on the status of RWE in biopharma for 2018 from Deloitte.  

  • Trade journal article here.
  • Deloitte home page for the report, here, with online summary and link through to the PDF.