Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Very Brief Blog: CPT Lab Proposals for September 2018 - AMA Has Posted for Comment

AMA posts the titles of applications for new CPT codes a few weeks after the submission deadline, and thus a couple months before the relevant AMA CPT editorial panel meeting.

Of note, AMA posts the lab codes on a somewhat earlier cycle than other CPT codes.

Track the webpage for the September 27-29 2018 AMA CPT editorial panel meeting here.   The registration link is open.

See the public agenda (code titles) for new codes here, posted around July 9, 2018.   You can request a copy of a given application file by August 1, and you are asked to submit written comments by August 6.    There are currently 6 applications on the September agenda.   One is for confirmation of a recessive gene encountered during partner testing (family planning); one is for PIK3CA (either germline or somatic).  Two are MAAA codes, one for cutaneous melanoma and one for uveal melanoma.   Three are code revisions of administrative MAAA codes (0002M, 0003M, 0011M).