Tuesday, December 19, 2017

My Article on "DIGITAL GENOMICS" Is UP at Journal of Precision Medicine

Over the past year, I produced a white paper and gave several talks and chaired two panels on "Digital Genomics."   A corresponding article is now online (open access) at Journal of Precision Medicine.

See the journal homepage here.   See the PDF article here.

The article has two parts.  The first part talks about labs that are creating an elaborate digital ecosystem around the traditional molecular lab services - "Lab 3.0."  The second part talks about companies that are being established without any wetlab, and dedicated to providing digital genomic services like state of the art outsourced software, analytics, and bioinformatics pipelines. 

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This continues to be an active area of investment, e.g. a $58M investment in DNANexus was announced on January 2, here.