Friday, December 8, 2017

AMA Has Pre-Posted Lab Codes for Feb CPT Meeting; Will Post All Codes Posted December 8 for Comment

AMA  posts a universal calendar of key dates for upcoming CPT meetings (here).  For the February 8-10, 2018, meeting, all code titles will be posted on December 8 for a brief public comment period.

Look for "next-meeting-specific" PDFs and links, posted and updated by AMA on a rolling basis, here.

In addition, the Pathology application titles are posted even earlier, December 1.  These have an early comment period til December 8, I believe to facilitate December subcommittee meetings for lab codes.   Here.   However, I believe that despite this early December 1-8 cycle, the Path Codes are also included in the universal comment cycle that begins when all codes are posted together for comment on December 8.

The lab specific early posting (which may get updated)  calendars tabs 13-21 for lab codes.   These include (13) BRCA coding, (14) NUDT15 tier 1 gene, (15) SMN1-SMN2 set of 3 codes, (16) TERT Tier 1 gene for glioblastoma, (17) Tier 1 status for over a dozen triple repeat disorders being moved from Tier 2 to Tier 1, (18) a MAAA for bladder cancer recurrence, (19) a MAAA for bladder cancer risk, (20) a MAAA for thyroid cancer risk, (21) finally a dyhydrotestorerone chemistry test described as "reinstate code 82651."

The purpose of posting agendas and code titles is to allow public stakeholders to request copies of the CPT applications and submit comments.  However, the comment periods are short.