Thursday, December 21, 2017

Health Executive Adam Boehler Might Head CMMI Next

According to a tweet from PoliticoPro, health executive Adam Boehler might become the new head of the billion dollar Center for Innovation at Medicare (the CMMI).   Tweet here.

Boehler's Linked In is here.  He's also listed at Bloomberg biographies here, and his profile as CEO of Landmark Health is here.

Boehler comes out of the Wharton School and has had both venture capital and operational roles.  He was previously involved with a 25-lab network with 3000 employees, aLabs.  According to Bloomberg, he's Chair and President at Landmark; Executive Chairman at Avalon Health. 

Landmark Health, where he's currently CEO, is designed to provide superior, next-generation home health care and home based medical care to patients "24/7/365."   Earlier this month, Landmark recently hired Christopher Goldsmith (of Optum and with an INSEAD MBA) as President.

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Previous CMMI director Dr Patrick Conway stepped down in mid-year to join North Carolina BCBS.  CMMI is rebooting itself for new directions under the new administration.