Thursday, September 28, 2017

Very Brief Blog: CMS Requests Nominations to Fill Seats on Lab Advisory Expert Panel

CMS has published an announcement that it is seeking new nominations for membership to its Advisory Panel on Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Tests.   The online announcement is here.

The CMS home page for the panel is here.  The panel was recently renewed for the 2017-2019 period.   The panel is chartered to have "up to 15" individuals; the recent summer workshop had 9 one day and 10 the next.   "Nominees must demonstrate personal experience with clinical diagnostic laboratory tests and services through a past or present history of direct employment with an organization that furnishes clinical diagnostic laboratory tests." 

CMS does not state how many seats are vacant, only that nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and seats will be filled "as vacancies occur on the panel" in order to "assure that we have a full complement of members for each panel meeting."  Association-based or self-nomination is possible.