Friday, September 8, 2017

Very Brief Blog: CDC Releases Report on BRCA Testing and Interventions (2009-2014)

This week, CDC releases a 16-page report on BRCA Genetic Testing and the corresponding Receipt of Preventive Interventions in women age 18-64 with commercial insurance.  Read the report here.

Overall, BRCA testing prevalence has risen a lot from 2009 to 2014, and differences between metropolitan and rural areas have shrunk somewhat.  A comprehensive review of elevated risk due to BRCA appeared in JAMA in June (Kuchenbaecker, JAMA 317:2402, here).

This report, in itself, is indicative of the wider and somewhat more rapid use of multi payer claims inventories to assess real-world US public health interventions (underlying data from Truven, which IBM acquired last year.)   See a current article in NEJM on health insurance systems and clinical trials, Choudry NEJM 377:957, here.

USPSTF will release an updated US guideline on BRCA in the coming months (here).