Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CMS Posts Agenda for Sept 25 Public Meeting (By Webinar) On Rare PAMA Codes

A few weeks ago, CMS announced it would hold a public meeting by webinar on pricing recommendations for lab tests, represented by CPT codes, for which it received no data or "insufficient data" for fee schedule calculations under PAMA Section 216.

CMS has now posted additional information, including an agenda, for the meeting.
  • Home page for the meeting (see under heading Panel Meetings), here.
  • Federal Register announcement of meeting, here.
  • Agenda for meeting, here.
    • REGISTRATION is a link "event address" on the PDF meeting agenda.
    • "There is no deadline for attendees to registrater but presenters must register and submit comments by September 21, 5 pm ET."
    • For Presenters: PowerPoint Template Instructions, here.
    • "Comments will be limited to 1 minute per test code."  Comments are to be submitted by 5 pm ET September 21 to
  • "Test Codes With No Data" Listing, here.
    • CMS accepted public comment til August 18; separate from the webinar under September 25.
  • The meeting will stream live at:  on Monday September 25, beginning at 8:45 am ET, 5:45 am PT.