Tuesday, September 26, 2017

CMS Posts Web Video of Sept 25 Special Webinar on New Crosswalks for Missing PAMA Data

On September 25, 2017, CMS held a webinar-based advisory workshop and public comment session on its proposed crosswalks for codes that lacked data in the regular PAMA data capture process.

Unofficial Uncorrected Transcript, posted in the cloud HERE.

For background on the special workshop, see here.

At Youtube:
  • The morning session is here.
  • The afternoon session is here.
Indirectly related to the above webinar, on September 22, CMS posted its preliminary gapfill/crosswalk recommendations for new codes that will be active in CY2018...here.   CMS also released PAMA pricing data for the thousand-plus codes for which PAMA data is available; it's the generally rare or even obsolete codes that didn't have PAMA data that are in the webinar and workshop above.

My personal running notes, typed during the meeting, uncorrected, are provided in the cloud, here.