Friday, July 14, 2017

2017 Digital Health Funding is High: $3.5B in First Six Months of 2017

Rock Health has released a report on digital health funding in 1H2017, which tallies $3.5B in new investments.  It follows a report by StartUp Health, tallying $6.5B in the same period.

RockHealth: $3.5B in Six Months

  • The report is summarized by RockHealth here.  
  • They sell the full 24 page report sells $99.  
  • See a news summary on Healthcare Dive, here.

StartUp Health: $6.5B in Six Months

The RockHealth report follows a report by StartUp Health just a few days earlier.

  • See the StartUp Health Powerpoint online here.  
  • See the respective Healthcare Dive story, here.  
    • StartUp uses different definitions of DHealth and tallies $6.5B in investments in 1H2017. For example, they include Grail (about $1B for genomics). 
    • Startup Health found that most activity was located in the SF Bay Area, with a 4:1 ratio between SF:NY.

Philips 2017 Report
Separately,  Philips runs an elaborate website,, which provides a 100 page 2017 report on digital health.

Contrasting Perspective
For a contrasting note, see an interesting article this week on Reuters on Jawbone's attempt to compete with Fitbit, titled, "Death by Overfunding" - here.

Views on Validation and Valuation
See also an article at Forbes by Fahad Aziz on the valuation of digital health startups and how they require V&V - valuation AND validation.  Here.   And a CNBC article by Christina Farr picks up on Aziz and adds further comment, here.