Monday, July 24, 2017

CMS Posts Agendas for July 31 and August 1 Lab Meetings

Each July CMS holds a public meeting regarding pricing and payment policies for upcoming new laboratory codes.   In mid June, CMS announced the dates for this meeting as July 31/August 1 and posted the list of new and appealed codes (there are 61).  See here.

This week, CMS published the Agenda for the July 31 meeting, as well as the Agenda for the subsequent PAMA Laboratory Advisory Panel Discussion.  The meetings will be streamed live, with info included on the agenda pages.
  • July 31 agenda here - mostly public stakeholder presentations, including individual companies as well as large associations like CAP and AMA.
  • August 1 agenda here - mostly the Advisory Panel on view as they discuss the same codes.  In addition, the Advisory Panel has an afternoon agenda on panel test payments.  
    • The agenda notes these are "routine chemistry" panels, not genomic panels.