Wednesday, July 19, 2017

AGENDA: Precision Medicine Leadership Summit, San Diego, August 21-24, 2017

The Agenda is out for the Second Annual Precision Medicine Leaders Summit, to be held in San Diego, August 21-24, 2017.

Monday August 21 will be workshops; the main conferences runs Tuesday-Thursday, August 22-24.

Full agenda is online here.

Topic listing includes:

Monday August 21
  Cancer Evolution & Precision Oncology
  Precision Medicine 101
  Pharmacogenomics in Healthcare
  Evidence Base and Quality Standards for NGS

Tuesday August 22
  Keynote: Complex Strategic Landscape
  Aiming High for Precision Medicine
  Tissue versus Biopsy Paradigm Shifts
  Biomarker Purgatory: Publications vs Successes
  Precision Medicine in Era of Cost, Value
  Regulatory Agility?
  Disruptive Precision Therapeutics
  Access, Affordability, Disparities

Wednesday August 23
  Global Challenges in Precision Medicine
  Paying for Value: New Models
  Reawakening the Broken Brain
  Genotype and Phenotype: Using Proteomics
  Patient Advocacy
  Wearables, Senors, and Remote Monitoring
  Digital Genomics - The Last Mile
  Mission Possible: Diagnostics at the Forefront

Thursday August 24
  Trials, Tribulations, and RCTs
  Minorities and Precision Medicine
  Precision Planet: Global View
  Invisible Ecosystem: Microbiome
  Call for PGx Testing in Clinic
  High Resolution Scaleable PM Design in the Clinic