Friday, June 2, 2017

United Healthcare May Be Widening "Pre Auth" for Genomic Tests

United Healthcare posts a provider bulletin online each month, and the June 2017 issue has a page describing upgrades and extensions to genomic test pre-authorization requirements.  The PDF is here; the genetic preauthorization policy page is on page 17.  The article adds, "Details will be published in a future bulletin."

Waves of tighter genetic test payment controls have been rolling through the payer industry.  For example, Medicare genomic test payments actually fell from 2014 to 2015, due to tighter controls on CYP (pharmacogenetic) testing that cut out several hundred million dollars of services.  

A mini-industry of standalone companies exist to help payers mediate and control payments to laboratories (BeaconLBS; Anthem AIM; Avalon; Concert Genetics; Evicore; and others.)  These are often called LBM - laboratory benefit managers - in analogy to PBMs, pharmacy benefit managers.