Thursday, June 29, 2017

Brief Blog: CMS Posts PPT Template for July 31 New-Code Pricing Meeting

This year, CMS announced earlier in June that a TEMPLATE will be required for POWERPOINT presented at the annual CLFS new code pricing meeting - aka the crosswalk/gapfill meeting.

The CMS CLFS webpage is here.   Toward the bottom, see the Zip file for the Powerpoint Template.  The ZIP file includes both (1) a PPT template and (2) a brief PDF instruction file - for example, don't use color because CMS will be making printouts for itself in B&W.

For some earlier info on the CMS CLFS meetings on July 31 and August 1, here.  More info after the break.

In previous public policymaking for the CLFS pricing process, CMS stated that it wanted not only charge and cost but also more clinical information, and during the public meetings, CMS medical staff often ask additional detailed questions about clinical uses of a CLFS test.  (See 72 FR 66276, November 27, 2007).  However, they don't include any slots for clinical information and performance on the templates.