Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Brief Blog: Detailed Conference Notes on PMWC East (May 2017)

This is the twelfth year of the Personalized Medicine World Congress, traditionally held in Silicon Valley in February and attracting very large audiences.   This May 2017, PMWC held an East Coast conference, for which detailed conference notes are provided online, here.

One of the highlights was an in-depth presentation by NIH leader Francis Collins on the Precision Medicine Initiative ...aka "All of Me"... large population sequencing program.

NIH websites here and here.   Dr. Collin's 23 page deck in the cloud, here.

The PMWC main website is here.  PMWC was founded by Tal Bejar (here).  A few additional screen shots after the break.

On June 6, here, President Trump officially announced he had invited Dr. Collins to remain director of NIH.