Saturday, June 24, 2017

Brief Blog: Genetic Testing Best Practices Summit, Chicago July 24-25 2017

Healthcare Education Associations is is sponsoring a Genetic Testing Best Practices Summit in Chicago, July 24-25, 2017.    Topics range from clinical and ethical considerations with secondary findings to payer acceptance of gene panel testing and coding/reimbursement issues.  Many of the speakers are from leading academic medical centers.

Press release here.   HEA website here.  Conference web site here (if this doesn't work, google conference title.)

From Press Release:

In an intimate setting, candid discussions will cover the challenges of multi panel reimbursement, best practices to code efficiently and get reimbursed quicker. Industry experts will also talk about ethical concerns regarding access to privileged genetic information and the potential consequences of Bill HR 1313--a bill that is moving through Congress that would allow companies to require employees to undergo genetic testing or risk paying a penalty and would let employers see that genetic and other health information.