Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Brief Blog: A Large Scale Private Payer CED Project: Genetically Informed Mammography

On March 14, 2017, Health Affairs runs a detailed blog by Rosenberg-Wohl et al. (here) about a "Coverage with Evidence Development" study supported through the collaboration of diverse stackholders, including multiple University of California campuses, Blue Shield of California, and other collaborators.

The study, WISDOM (see website here), looks to assess the impact of randomized use of a genetic breast cancer risk profile on mammography outcomes.   The idea is simple: if breast cancer is risk based, then one-size-fits-all screening based on projected risk/benefit is like one-size-fits-all clothing or shoes.   The authors describe the study as benefiting from the use of $225 breast cancer genetic risk testing.  There will be 100,000 total participants, with half of them receiving the test.

The authors explain that imposing numbers of hurdles that had to be maneuvered to launch the program.   The 5-year study is new and will be enrolling into 2017.