Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Brief Blog: PMC Releases 2017 Policy Report, Holds Hill Briefing

Last month, on February 7, the Personalized Medicine Coalition released a report on barriers and disincentives to personalized medicine (here).  The report was based on multi-stakeholder workgroups and interviews, and appeared as a 5-page summary plus a 12-page academic paper in the journal Personalized Medicine.   The paper by Pritchard et al. is entitled, "Strategies for Integrating Personalized Medicine into Healthcare Practice."

Now, on March 7, PMC released its annual full-length report on the personalized medicine movement in healthcare (64 page PDF, here.)

Also today, PMC will hold a 90 minute Hill briefing on issues in personalized medicine (here).   The Hill briefing, co-hosted by Sen. Markey (D-MA), will include four panelists:

  • Stephen D. Eck MD PhD, Astellas Pharma
  • Emily Kramer-Golinkoff, Co-Founder, Emily's Entourage
  • Miachel Sherman MD, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  • Jay Wohlgemuth MD, Quest Diagnostics
[Update, Coverage of the Hill hearing by "Science & Enterprise," here.]

The 64-page annual report discusses opportunities and challenges.  Opportunities include medical benefits and the fast past of science.  Challenges include regulatory policy, coverage/payment policy, clinical adoption rates, and health information technologies.

Coverage at Genomeweb, here.  At STAT, here.