Friday, March 10, 2017

Brief Blog: Scott Gottlieb Announced as FDA Nominee

Early on March 10, Bloomberg ran an article citing Scott Gottlieb as the leading candidate for head of FDA.   See the open access article here.   Around noon, WSJ stated that Gottlieb is the expected FDA nominee, here.   And the NYT also, here.  WaPo. here.  At around 5 eastern, Reuters posted that the White House has confirmed that Gottlieb "is" the nominee.  Further analysis at Endpoints, here, and Vox, here.  A later update at Endpoints (on March 29, here) covers some of Gottlieb's pharma connections that have to be unwound.

Wall Street Journal hails the nomination as potentially "one of Trump's most important appointments" (here).  See a detailed analysis of Gottlieb's views on drug pricing is providing by the DrugChannels blog (here), with a callout to Gottlieb's insightful 10/2016 Hill testimony (here).

This blog highlighted Gottlieb's promising candidacy on December 13, January 21, and February 6.

For MedCityNews, "Statistical Guide to Scott Gottlieb," March 15, 2017, here.

A interesting pre-election (9/2016) interview with Gottlieb is online, here.

A colorful article about the new administration, Peter Thiel, and FDA, at Vox, here.  A negative article on Gottlieb at LA Times, here.