Friday, February 17, 2017

Brief Blog: Narrow Networks in Laboratory Medicine

For several years, Dark Report and other trade journals have discussed the rising role of narrow-network payers and the impact on the lab industry, which often has little control over which payers support the patients whose samples arrive at the lab.

Dark Daily, the open access blog associated with Dark Report, runs an article on narrow networks today, with citations to a study by McKinsey and company.

  • Dark Daily Blog here.
  • McKinsey webpage here and PDF version of the data here.

For a 2014 article at Dark Daily on the same topic, here.  For a 2015 open access article at Health Affairs, not specific to the lab industry, here.

Thanks to Katherine Tynan for highlighting.  This weekend, February 19, several colleagues and I will have the opportunity to teach a short course chaired by Tynan on lab regulatory and reimbursement trends at the Molecular Med TriCon conference in San Francisco.