Friday, February 17, 2017

Brief Blog: CMS Candidate Seema Verma Testifies at Senate Finance Committee

On February 16, 2017, CMS leadership candidate Seema Verma testified in a nearly three-hour session of the Senate Finance Committee.
  • C-Span archives the entire video here. [*]
  • For a cloud 59-page unoffical transcript of the hearing, annotated and provided by this blog, here.    

  • The Administration's "Transition 2017" Youtube channel has a few brief sound bites online, here.

  • Early coverage at Modern Healthcare, here; at Reuters, here.
  • Opening Statements (Senate Webpage here.)
    • Senate Hatch: here.   Senator Wyden: here.  Verma: here.
    • All together in one PDF (13pp): here.
  • Later coverage at Fox Opinion (here), Becker's (here), CNN (here), and Atlantic (here).

My original November 2016 collation of articles on Verma, including some updates, is here.

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Senator Hatch (prepared remarks; paraphrasing and summary is entirely my own, these are not quotations):
  • CMS insures one-third of the US with a trillion dollar budget.
  • Many challenges and your job will be a thankless one.
  • Obamacare has been a wreck.  Exchanges are in bad and worsening shape.
  • Price has proposed a rule to stabilize ACA.
  • Medicaid is a safety net, but is now three times larger than 20 years ago.  We will face difficult choices.
  • Your work on Medicaid innovation may be criticized by Democrats, but was greenlighted by the Obama administration.
  • Medicare will grow from 47M to 80M in 13 years, by 2030.
  • I want treatment of nominees to be less icy, and starting today.  Traditionally, Senators from both parties in a candidate's home state would introduce them.
    • Indiana's senior Senator, Joe Donnelly (elected 2012, Democrat)
    • Indiana's junior Senator, Todd Young (elected 2016, Republican) [**]
Senator Wyden (my own summary):
  • CMS is responsible for 100M Americans' healthcare.  And responsible for much of the ACA.
  • Medicare spends 2.2 billion dollars a day.
  • Rising cost of prescription drugs.
  • Privating Medicare is the wrong direction.
  • Maintain key access and non discrimination clauses of ACA.
  • Don't like this week's new rules from CMS. Enrollment cut to six weeks, and coverage may be less generous at the same costs.
  • Repeal and run, looks impossible.
  • Healthy Indiana had disadvantages; someone making $12,000 a year would be excluded for 6 months if they missed a payment due to emergencies; this happened to 2,5000 people.  "20,000 people were pushed into more expensive plans."
  • In Medicaid, 11M have gained coverage and there are in total 60M people, more than Medicare.
  • Discussion of Verma helping states award contracts to companies she was also a consultant for.
Seema Verma (my own summary):
  • Here with parents, husband, and two children.
  • Two recent medical crises:
    • Mother is a breast cancer survivor.
    • Neighbor had critical illness at age 4 with neuroblastoma but has survived to age 12.
  • Proud to be first-generation American.
    • Father came here, worked his way to four degrees while also supporting family.
    • Mother's mother had 5th grade education, while mother has master's degree.
  • We must focus the trillion-dollar CMS on outcomes.
    • Healthy Indiana was passed in a bipartisan way.
  • Modernize CMS while preventing fraud and abuse.
  • States must have flexibility in a new era.


*  To load on your iPhone for your commute or gym time, CSpan will let you download an MP3 file for 99 cents.

** Although as governor of Indiana, Mike Pence was a highly conservative Republican, and although the state voted 3:2 for Trump, Indiana has had a mix of Democratic and Republican Senators over the past 20 years.  Indiana's Senator Richard Lugar (R) served for 36 years, 1977-2013, e.g. from the Carter to Obama administrations.