Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Brief Blog: Evidence Street and MolDX

In a publicly available deck from December 2016, Dr. Louis Jacques, Chief Clinical Officer at the consultancy ADVI, predicted that in 2017 the BCBS Evidence Street program and the CMS MolDX program would "develop a common portal for lab test dossier submission and review."  (Here, p. 4.)

In a deep-dive subscription article at Genomeweb, journalist Turna Ray updates on the Evidence Street program through interviews with BCBS, Dr. Jacques, and other stakeholders.   For the subscription article, here.

BCBSA Evidence Street displaced the prior BCBSA TEC website, which had been largely open access, with a subscription model.   The Evidence Street website is here.  Favorable reviews are available to companies and can be brought to the public's attention through press releases (e.g., here and here.)   BCBSA itself is careful to position the reviews as evidence reviews, not endorsement of the test relative to any particular higher or lower bar for a coverage decision.