Thursday, December 14, 2023

Very Brief Blog: CMS Publishes 2024 CLFS Transmittal; New Crosswalks All Listed

 Just before Thanksgiving, CMS published 84 final prices (or gapfill status) for new 2024 lab CPT codes.

Now, CMS has published the official transmittal with all the CY2024 crosswalks in one place.  CR13467.  This is worth keeping track of, because it's the last time CMS publishes this data.  

  •  It's important to know because if code "B" is crosswalked now to code "A," code B will move up and down for several years tied to the price of Code "A".  (For example, if Code "A" becomes an ADLT code, or is changed and repriced, or is deleted, if A goes through regular PAMA triennial repricing that B isn't involved in because B is too new.)
  • There is no single rolling listing of all the currently crosswalked codes, so you have to look through all of these annual transmittals - as PDFs - one by one to find out whether a code of your interest is crosswalked to anything.
    • It would be nice if CMS published a spreadsheet of all currently crosswalked codes, rolling up each year's additions into one spreadsheet.