Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Tempus and YouScript: Emphasizing Integration of Diagnostics, Data, Healthcare

Things have quieted done for the Christmas-New Years holiday week, but I ran across two interesting posts on Linked In.  What they have  in common is that each company is summarizing its products or clinical research to show the important of integration of diagnostic results into the care pathway.

From YouScript, a post by Kristine Ashcraft talks about a decade of YouScript research into pharmacogenetics and clinical outcomes.  She highlights the emphases in the post text, but see also a 7 page embedded PDF download.  Here:

Similarly from Tempus AI.   See their 9 page embedded PDF about "providing physicians with the data needed to optimize patient care, seamlessly integrating with existing workflows."

I always find the Linked In download feature a bit of a trick.   You hover over the embedded PDF, and at bottom you'll see a broken-up square.  Click on that, and you'll then find a download arrow at the top edge of the new page.

See a later blog about Medicare's new [oncology & other severe illness] care navigation codes, here.  I would think part of cancer care navigation is, navigating to cancer genomic tests.