Tuesday, September 19, 2023

MolDxology: DEX Registry Allows Categorical Browsing

I'm not sure when this started, but I'm pretty sure it didn't used to be here.   The MolDx Z code online registry, DEX (which shows all about a registered test, EXCEPT its actual secret Z code) has always allowed searching by test name and lab name.   

(Test name can be a real wild west, and lab name can even be complicated in case of acquisitions and subsidiaries.)

Now Palmetto DEX allows searching by five different drop-down categories.  At the left-hand side, these are diseases, FDA status, medical specialty (e.g. cardiology), method, and test type.  (Test type is "diagnostic, confirmatory, predictive," etc).  Find DEX here:  https://app.dexzcodes.com/

There appears to be a built-in "and" logic, for example, here I've searched for the Test Type category "DIAGNOSTIC" while I happened to have let the test name "RaDaR" in the name search field.  This excluded quite a few variants of the RaDaR test, but showing one that is classed as "diagnostic."   

The DEX registry is available with free email registration.



The New York State "Wadsworth" system allows searching for lab tests endorsed by New York State, here.  Article in 360dx.


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