Friday, September 15, 2023

Very Brief Blog: Interesting Posts from Center for Genomic Interpretation (CGI)

While I don't agree with every position that the CGI takes (Center for Genomic Interpretation), they held my attention for a half hour today looking through their blog posts and Linked In posts from recent months.   

Find their blog posts here:

And find their Linked In article feed here:

For example, a recent blog here points to a peer reviewed article here.  This links to an August 2023 paper, Patel et al., titled, Genomic Data Heterogeneity across Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories: A Real-World Connect Myeloid Disease Registry Perspective on Variabilities in Genomic Assay Methodology and Reporting.

For another recent example, they linked to the CLIA Advisory Committee CLIAC with regard to an August workgroup on NGS in CLIA labs.   Find the blog here.   You can link through to a 29 page CLIAC summary document here.  Or the direct PDF at CDC here.

See a CGI blog several months ago on what they see as weak points of flaws in recent state level biomarker legislation - here.

Fun fact - the laws vary across the 10 states where they have been passed.  There's a website that details the differences, but not that the table is *very* large and long and hard to read.  (I didn't even realize the table was there for a couple minutes, scroll down and down.)

See a link to Pfeifer et al. 2022 who discuss reference samples for inter lab comparisons of NGS, here.