Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Brief Blog: Yet Another Article (This Time NEJM) on CMS, NCDs, CED (TCET)

 We're seeing a bonanza of articles on how CMS should make coverage decisions.

Ten days ago we had an article in JAMA by Fleisher and Blum of CMS on revising the NCD process, under the moniker TCET (Transitional Coverage for Emerging Technology) and perhaps doing more "CED" coverage with evidence development.  I link to it, and link to commentaries on it, here.

Also ten days ago, article in Health Affairs (linked to a longer, underlying white paper) by Tunis et al. on TCET, CED, etc.  Here.


When it rains it pours.  Today, an article in NEJM by Dhruva et al. on CMS and NCDs and CED - under the umbrella of the early 2022 "Aducanumab" decisions, but primarily to discuss CMS frameworks and future directions.  Worth reading.  Find it here.